BioFuel Burners

Versatile and clean burning.

NetZero biofuel fire features are among the most versatile, clean-burning fire features in existence. No venting is needed, so your fire feature can be placed nearly anywhere.

Netzero BioFuel Burners

The NetZero burner is the heart of your fire feature. NetZero Fire burners come in multiple sizes and offer superior flexibility thanks to easy installation in almost any space. Install the burner in a NetZero firebox or drop into a completely custom site-built location. You can also connect burners for flames that seamlessly span an entire room or request a specific size unique to your needs.

The Netzero Biofuel Difference

Flexible Installation

No venting needed. The burner can be installed in a NetZero firebox or can be site-built for a specific location in any room without wall attachment. Connect burners for flames that seamlessly span an entire room or integrate fire into a table or bartop.

Bev Technology® = Safety

The patented and certified Burning Ethanol Vapor (BEV) fuel is contained in a closed and cooled tank. Once the device is turned on, the fuel is automatically pumped to the equalizing vessel and enters the evaporation accelerator where the liquid ethanol turns into vapor. You never have any contact with the fuel in NetZero fireplaces. The entire burning process is controlled by the microprocessor and multiple safety sensors.

Biofuel Fire Feature
Biofuel Fire Feature
Biofuel Fire Feature

California Window & Fireplaces offers biofuel fire features from this trusted partner:

NetZero Fire

Watch a video on how bio ethanol fires work: