Inswing/Outswing French Doors

Swinging doors have an aesthetic appeal that achieves an elegant, timeless look inside or outside the home.

Swinging doors are the most common style of door. They feature hinged panels that swing open and closed. Swinging doors are available in single panels or multiple panels. The direction a door swings, either to the right or the left, is called the handing. In addition to handing, exterior doors are identified as either inswing or outswing depending on whether they open into the house or towards the outside.

Out-Swing French Doors open to the exterior of a home and maintain usable space on the inside of the door.

Swinging Doors

California Window & Fireplaces offers swinging doors from these trusted partners:

AG Millworks French Doors
La Cantina Doors
Marvin Doors
Milgard Doors

LaCantina Swinging Doors

Swinging Doors have never been such a feature in the home. Utilizing heavy duty, architectural stainless steel hinges and their robust door panels engineered for taller and wider openings, their new swing doors create more space than typical single and French doors. LaCantina’s signature narrow stile and rail swing doors perfectly their our Folding and Multi Slide systems to create all-around balance and symmetry; the ideal solution for a complete door package.

La Cantina Swinging Doors
La Cantina Swinging Doors