Dimplex Electric Fireplaces

The world leader of electric heat and electric fireplace technology.

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As the world leader of electric heat and electric fireplace technology, Dimplex® is committed to providing their customers with excellence based on four key pillars: Innovation, Design, Quality, and Support. These standards define Dimplex® and the promise they make to you to deliver excellence in each measure.


Leveraging their strengths in Research & Development, backed by the Glen Dimplex Group – the world’s largest manufacturer of electrical heating, Glen Dimplex Americas has been consistently delivering industry changing innovation to electric heating and electric fireplace customers for the past 25 years.

Their commitment to product innovation excellence is evident by:

  • Industry leading R&D and Engineering teams dedicated to developing products that deliver the best in customer experience and technology.
  • In-house UL/CSA laboratory certified to conduct approval testing for their electric firebox and heaters to ensure quality and safety at every step.
  • Heat Loss and Airflow Visualization Chambers (one of the only in existence in North America) which replicates ‘real world’ heat loss scenarios, enabling Dimplex to verify the performance of their product innovations before they go to market.

Examples of their patented and award-winning innovations include: Comfort$aver® safe ceramic heating system with PVO technology, CONNEX® wireless control and smart heaters, as well as their redefining electric fireplace technologies such as Opti-myst®, Opti-V™ and Multi-Fire XD®.


From being in tune with the latest in furniture and home décor trends to engaging on-site with construction and electrical industry professionals, Dimplex® products are designed with the needs of the customer in mind.

The Dimplex® electric fireplace experience combines the most realistic flame technology in the market with an unparalleled selection of styles, accents and finishes to suit any style and application.

Dimplex has redefined the electric heat category through the sleek and sophisticated design of their Linear Convector which offers high performance heat with up to 42% smaller length compared to a traditional baseboard heater, giving you maximum floor plan flexibility.


Teams in North America, Europe and Asia, work in partnership to design and engineer the finest quality products in the industry. Whether it’s their quality furniture construction or their patented flame and heating technology, Dimplex® products provide a superior experience.

Through the use of wholly-owned and joint venture global manufacturing operations, Dimplex® maintains strict quality control processes to guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

Components and materials of the highest quality are sourced and combined with their exclusive energy saving technologies to provide their customers with the highest value and utmost enjoyment for years to come.


Dimplex stand behind everything we make so whether its service, parts or support, Dimplex® has you covered.

Dimplex Electric Fireplace
Dimplex Electric Fireplace
Dimplex Electric Fireplace
Dimplex Electric Fireplaces