Marvin Windows & Doors

Marvin Windows and Doors are inspired by how people live.

Since the day Marvin opened their doors in 1912 as a family-owned and -operated cedar and lumber company, they’ve looked for ways to help people live better. Marvin continues to evolve by raising the bar, building quality, beauty and simplicity into people’s everyday lives.

A Natural Connection

Warm sunlight, fresh air and a connection to the natural world can instantly change the mood of a home or office. Marvin designs products to make that connection feel seamless—even in the most challenging of spaces.

Thoughtful Detail

Marvin is committed to design that is as functional and intuitive as it is beautiful. Crafted with exceptional skill, Marvin products deliver quality you can see, touch, and feel, beauty that brings joy, and performance that stands the test of time.

Committed to Sustainability

Marvin takes on the long-term view, and recognize that a serious commitment to sustainable operations is just good business. Marvin is committed to sustainable business practices, both for the environment and for the communities in which they operate.

At Marvin, sustainability goes beyond “green” business practices, including implementing environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes and building sustainable communities across the United States, where Marvin products are manufactured.

Marvin Window & Door

Marvin Window & Door Collections

Explore Marvin’s three product collections organized by degree of design detail, flexibility, and customization possibilities.

Marvin Signature Series

Marvin Signature Collection

Featuring the Ultimate, Modern and Coastline product lines, this collection offers the broadest range of product types, sizes, configurations and design options.

Marvin Elevate Series

Marvin Elevate Collection

An ideal blend of remarkable design and superior strength, Elevate products strike a perfect balance between enduring style and unmatched performance.

Marvin Essential Series

Marvin Essential Collection

Essential products resist fading, chalking, peeling, cracking and are eight times stronger than vinyl. Simpler features and options streamline the ordering process.

Marvin Window & Door