Is It Time To Replace Your Front Door?

The front door of a home serves a very important function. It’s obviously necessary for security and it also is incredibly important in presenting a home and curb appeal.

There are four main reasons to consider when deciding whether or not you should replace your home’s front door:

  1. Security
  2. Damage
  3. Energy efficiency
  4. Style


How does your front door look to you? Do you see any potential weaknesses? If so, then so can would-be intruders.  

Older front doors with loose door frames and weak hinges can make it easier for burglars to enter your home.  Locks which don’t work properly are an obvious security issue and need to be replaced right away. Sometimes when a whole lock system needs replacing it’s a good time to also install a new structurally-sound front door. 

A front door that looks secure can prevent intruders from attempting entry as a secure front door is a strong signal that the rest of the home is equally protected. 


Are there visible signs of damage on your front door? Is it dented, scratched or weathered?

If you are finding it challenging to open and close your front door, this is another sign that it’s time to replace it. 

Here is a list of signs of front door damage:

  • The door is sticking in the door jamb – this is a sign that your front door is no longer fitting properly as it could be expanding and contracting or even warping. It could be that the hinges are sticking and the door is no longer hanging level.
  • Splitting and peeling wood doors and frames – overtime as doors expand and contract over many summers and winters they tend to become cracked, warped and extremely weathered which allows moisture to get inside the wood and cause rot and can attract termites and other wood-destroying insects.
  • Dents indicate that the front door’s structural integrity may be compromised.  Many residential front doors which are sold off the shelf at big box home improvement stores are laminate 24-26 gauge steel on top of a wood frame, which is not a very structurally sound door to begin with and can be easily dented and  damaged through everyday wear and tear.
  • Rust and corrosion – indicates that moisture is in the frame and causing rot.  If there is rust in the seams of the door, the door will begin to deteriorate from the inside out, making it structurally unsound and easier for intruders to break in.
  • Frosty windows in the door is a sign that the seal is failing to work and the door is getting exposed to water damage. This moisture can lead to mildew and/or mold between the panes of glass which can also start to spread to the rest of the home. 

Energy Efficiency

Front doors which let in drafts are obviously not energy efficient.  When the door is closed, one should not see light coming in around the door frame and threshold.  If light is found shining in, it’s likely that other undesirable things can get in such as drafts, water, insects and even rodents.

Updating the weather stripping may help the problem temporarily and may be something that is replaced periodically.  However, if you are encountering drafts as an ongoing issue, it’s probably time to replace your front door.

New energy-efficient doors can help maintain more comfortable indoor temperatures and also reduce your cooling and heating costs throughout the extreme seasons.  The upfront cost of replacing a front door will save you money in the long-term as you save month to month on energy expenses.


Typically the front door of a home sets the tone and tends to be considered the focal point of the house. Real Estate professionals state that one of the first things prospective buyers do is either compliment or hate a home’s front door when they’re showing a home.  Home styles change dramatically every 10-20 years and a front door can become outdated quickly. 

Upgrading your front door is an easy and cost-effective way to boost curb appeal without embarking upon a large remodeling project.

Front Door Sales & Installation

California Window & Fireplace has decades of experience in selling and installing high quality front doors.  We enjoy helping our clients replace their front doors so they can feel good about their home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency. 

If you are looking to replace your front door and would like assistance, please fill out the form below and we would be happy to assist you!

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Is It Time To Replace Your Front Door?

Is It Time To Replace Your Front Door? The front door of a home serves a very important function. It's obviously necessary for security and it also is incredibly important in presenting a home and curb appeal. [...]

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