Picture Windows

Picture windows are large fixed windows that create the effect of framing outdoor scenery like a picture frame.

Open up your living space with a picture window, allowing light and views of the outdoors into your home.

Picture windows are large fixed windows that create the effect of framing outdoor scenery like a picture frame. Because picture windows do not operate, they’re often paired with windows that do. Picture windows can be assembled with or without a sash. Windows without a sash, also called direct glaze windows, can provide larger unobstructed views.

Picture windows create a portrait-like space on walls – hence the word “picture” in their name. Picture windows are also a popular choice for letting in natural light without cold air in areas of a room that may be most susceptible to drafts. They can be installed in difficult to reach places to let in light. For unobstructed views where ventilation is not a concern, picture windows are ideal.

With their large size, picture windows invite in expansive views and an abundance of warm, natural light. And because there are no moving parts, picture windows are more energy efficient than operating windows of a similar size.

Picture Window

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Picture Window Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of picture windows?

Picture windows are beneficial for allowing natural light into your home. They feature a large pane of glass often without grilles, providing an unobstructed view of the outdoors. They’re perfect for illuminating hard to reach areas like an attic, garage or stairway where a window that opens isn’t necessary.

Picture windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you have the flexibility to add them in almost any space. Easily pair picture windows with a variety of other window styles to create a stunning arrangement that complements time-tested architectural styles. They’re also perfect for homes with vaulted ceilings. Since there’s no need to open windows at that height, picture windows can be used to create a dramatic statement and illuminate your space.

How can I customize my replacement picture windows?

Our replacement picture windows can be customized to complement the design of your home. They’re available in custom sizes to fit any existing opening in your home. Choose from a selection of geometric picture window shapes to create a unique wall of windows including:

  • Half-Round
  • Quarter-Round
  • Circle
  • Triangle
  • Gothic
  • And More

We also offer a variety of interior and exterior colors so you can customize your picture windows to match your home’s décor. Complete the look of your windows with a variety of grille styles and patterns. Choose from a variety of glass packages that are designed to enhance energy efficiency, reduce noise and provide privacy.

What home style is best suited for picture windows?

Due to their versatility, picture windows are suitable for all home styles. From craftsman to Cape Cod architecture, picture windows deliver a custom touch.

Picture Window
Picture Window
Picture Window