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Multi-Sliding Doors

Multi glass panels that slide open and stack on top of each other.

Create a vibrant mural of the outdoors in your home. Multi-sliding glass doors open up by sliding large glass door panels on top of each other, flooding the room with natural light and fresh air. When open, the panels either stack side-by-side near the edge of the opening or tuck into a wall.

Multi-Sliding Doors

California Window & Fireplaces offers multi-sliding doors from these trusted partners:

AG Millworks Sliding Door
La Cantina Doors
Marvin Doors
Milgard Doors

LaCantina Multi-Sliding Door Systems

A New Class of Multi Slide Glass Sliding Doors

LaCantina Doors has created a new class of multi slide glass sliding door by combining the preferred features of performance, strength and symmetry of a high end lift & slide door system and the functionality and value of a multi slide. La Cantina’s new class of multi slide provides optimal aesthetics and performance.

Their panel design, engineered to the demands of a folding system, adapt perfectly to a more robust and unmatched sliding door. With the same clean minimal designs as their folding systems, their matching narrow stiles and low profile rails that incorporate their custom high performance roller assembly mean symmetry and style are never compromised. LaCantina’s new multi slide door system underwent extensive air/water and structural testing, with results far exceeding the industry standards that are typical of multi slide products.

Offering the same brand promise of innovation, performance, value and quality, our new class of multi sliding doors are a perfect match to LaCantina’s folding doors and swinging doors for the complete door package.

La Cantina Multi Sliding Door
La Cantina Multi Sliding Door

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