Milgard Windows & Doors

Offering a great selection of high quality, energy efficient home windows and doors.

Since 1958 Milgard has been known to be one of the largest and most trusted windows and patio doors manufacturers.

Designed for everyday living, Milgard offers beautiful, comfortable, energy efficient windows and patio doors to help you create the perfect home.

Their window product offerings include: wood, vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum windows.

The Vertically Integrated Windows Manufacturer

Milgard is a vertically integrated window and patio door manufacturer. They make their own insulated glass units, produce their own vinyl components and make their own fiberglass frames.

The Milgard vinyl plant, located in Tacoma, began extruding quality frame material in 1988. To ensure top quality from start to finish, Milgard begins by precisely controlling our vinyl compound formulation to withstand harsh climate conditions. Milgard extrudes their own frame material, and fabricate all vinyl windows and doors to order, giving them the tightest control over quality. Milgard’s fiberglass windows and doors receive the same level of attention. Almost all of their frame materials are manufactured internally to provide the highest level of consistently high quality.

Milgard also goes so far to temper their own glass.

In 1980, Milgard Tempering, Inc. was started in Tacoma to respond to a demand for high-quality tempered glass in the Northwest. In 1992, a second Milgard Tempering plant was opened in Dixon, California. Modern equipment and skilled employees enabled Milgard Tempering to become one of the most respected tempered glass suppliers in the country.

Through their vertical integration, Milgard is able to control quality at every step of the way. The result is higher quality products, all of which we confidently backed by industry leading warranties.

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