Window Replacement

How do you know when it’s time to replace the windows in your home?

Below are few signs to help you decide whether or not it is time to consider replacing your windows.

Drafts and Increase in Energy Bills

If you can feel the cold air coming from your window and you find that your furnace is coming on more frequently to keep the air inside your home at a comfortable temperature. High energy bills will also happen in the summer with your air conditioner working to keep your house cool.

Poor Window Operation

If you are having troubles opening or closing your windows, it could be because of a number of reasons including the buildup of dirt and dust, a spring too tight or a problem with the roller system. Window should open and close with ease and with a proper functioning lock as an added seal against air escaping from you home, along with providing additional security.

Condensation and Moisture Build-up Between the Panes

If condensation is constant and frost appears, it’s time to replace your windows.

Also if there is moisture build-up between the panes, it’s likely you have cracked seal and you no longer have an airtight seal which reduces heat transfer. If that’s your situation it’s time to replace your windows before they get too leaky.

Outside Noise

If you hear quite a bit of outside noise from the inside of your home, that’s a sign your windows are not providing enough insulation. A high quality energy efficient window will absorb sound waves before they enter your home.

Decaying Frames

After a period of time, along with extreme weather and moisture and dampness, window frames can rot and decay. If you find your windows have cracks, chipping, rotting, mold or decay, it’s time to replace your windows. Rot in particular, should be checked for, as it could lead to further problems by spreading beyond the window and affect the structural integrity of the wall itself.

Curb Appeal

If your windows are outdated, then your home will look outdated too. Modern and energy-efficient windows will add value to your home while making a visual impact.

Whether you’re unsure if you need to replace your windows or wondering what to do next, California Window and Fireplace is here to help you understand each step and make your window replacement project a success.

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