Mendota Linear Gas Fireplace Models

Mendota linear gas fireplaces offer trend-forward design that satisfies the most discerning homeowner’s aspirations.

They are available in five sizes up to 6 feet wide to fit almost any space you can imagine.

Featuring LED Floor Lighting

The Mendota LED Floor Light Kit adds a whole new dimension to your fireplace experience.

Lights and flames meld to create shimmering colors to change the mood in your room at will. Add as a feature to any Linear model.

ML72 Timberline/Decor

Mendota ML 72 Fireplace

A fireplace with epic proportions creates a view like no other. As Mendota’s largest fireplace, the ML72 linear gas fireplace has a colossal width and realistic logs to make a huge statement in even the largest rooms.

Viewing Area:
72-1/8″ W x 21-1/2″ H

ML60 Timberline/Décor

Mendota ML60 Fireplace

Go ahead, take a nice long look—the ML60 linear gas fireplace, compatible with LED Floor Light Kit, stretches the definition of luxury with handcrafted log sets or dynamic media such as rocks and marbles.

Viewing Area:
61-1/4″ W x 19-1/4″ H

ML54 Timberline/Décor

Mendota ML54 Fireplace - Decor/Timberline

The ML54 linear gas fireplace expands the size of your hearth and your expectations. Its extraordinary width,  detailed log sets and optional LED Floor Light Kit bring fresh design possibilities and legendary warmth to larger rooms.

Viewing Area:
55-1/4″ W x 19-1/4″ H

ML47 Timberline/Décor

Mendota ML47 Fireplace

This ML47 linear gas fireplace is compatible with the LED Floor Light Kit. With 16 million brilliant shades, you can add a new dimension of color and beauty to enjoy your fireplace equally with or without flames.

Viewing Area:
47-7/8″ W x 17-1/4″ H

ML39 Timberline/Décor

Mendota ML39 Fireplace Decor

A spectacular sight with sleek fire base options, the ML39 linear gas fireplace gives you new possibilities with a panoramic design that fits more rooms than ever.

Viewing Area:
41-3/4″ W x 15-3/16″ H

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Make the fireplace a stunning statement piece in your dream home.
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