Lincoln Windows


Lincoln’s casement window is immensely popular because of its vast range of sizes and flexibility. Use your imagination to mull, stack, combine with a stationary center as a picture, or angle mull for a bow or bay application. Add transoms, radius or geometric accent units for signature overall window designs.

Take advantage of the glass and glazing options to add even more dramatic statements for architectural appeal. To address convenience and security while considering handicap accessibility, casement windows lock with a conveniently located single handle multi-point locking system.



Continental flavor is apparent in French casement windows – one window – 2 sash – one opening. French casement are available in standard twin casement width for vertical sight line presentations when used in combination with standard casement windows.

Their popularity is additionally increased due to egress code requirements for width. Operation, with dual operators and a single handle multi-point locking system is easy and secure.



Create a panoramic view with Lincoln awning windows. Designed to be mulled, horizontally and vertically, awnings provide a beautiful opportunity for unique designs. Choose standard mull configurations or create a work of art with different shapes and sizes.

Another personal choice may be the use of venting units. Natural air currents can be enhanced, resulting in a flow of warm air up and out with venting sash high in the room.



The variation of product available in double hung windows provide convenient solutions when and wherever these traditional windows are used. There are standard double hung units, standard units with cottage or oriel venting, mulled units, triple picture and bay windows. Also offered are standard unit replacement kits. To accommodate the need for over size double hung windows. Lincoln offers the massive Quantum style.

Lincoln Double Hung Windows, technically advanced while steeped in our romance with the past, are a fine finishing touch to traditional construction.



Searching for a really big window? The Lincoln Quantum Double Hung is the answer. Patterned after double hung windows found, typically, in old public buildings, the Quantum establishes its’ value in new construction of traditional design and the renovation of those existing historical buildings. Quantum Double Hung windows are package for replacement purposes of existing over-size windows.




The unsung hero of remodeling Lincoln’s Replacement Kit is an exceptional solution to window replacement. Using existing frames that are sound, drafty and inefficient double hung sash can be replaced without disturbing interior or exterior trim. Increased energy efficiency, comfort, appearance and value in record time with little or no inconvenience to daily living.




Glider windows have their own niche in residential construction. Often used at near ground level, a glider can provide an egress opening.

In appearance it is dimensionally similar to casement windows to carry through a design theme.




Specialty units are exactly what the name implies – nearly anything the imagination can create. As larger units they can “stand alone” to emphasize a roof line, add definition to an entry or just frame a lovely view.

Oval or full circle windows make a spectacular statement. Smaller units easily become transoms with standard windows beneath. Radius units may be quarter rounds, half rounds or segments. Geometric shapes are typically triangles, trapezoids or pentoids.

They can be produced as direct set window or, with minimal limitations, sash set units.
Exterior choices and glazing options available also apply to specialty windows.


Sliding patio doors are an enchanting pass through to your world outdoors. A Lincoln sliding door is another fine product to please the most discerning design demands.

Choose standard (narrow) stiles and rails or wide stile which match the appearance of swing doors. Choose a standard 2-wide door or, for expanded opening. Lincoln four-wide doors will fill an opening up to 16 feet. Standard door heights include 6 ft. 6 in., 6 ft. 8 in., 7 ft. and 8 ft.

Again, glazing options combined with the door options help establish the character of your home.


Open a door to beauty, performance and security. Open a door to design and style. Find all of this as you open your eyes to Lincoln Swing patio doors. Designed to include variations in operation as well as appearance, Lincoln had not forgotten security, using the HTL HSL9000 multi-point locking system as a standard feature of the product. Lincoln swing patio doors are available with in-swing or out-swing operation.

There are four standard heights, a selection of widths, two variations of side-lites, choices of bottom rail height. Lincoln even offers an exterior jamb and sill extender for thicker walls as well as a handicap sill should it be required. These options are in addition to the exterior finishes, glass and glazing options that are offered in the entire product line.