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CompositeTileRoof_aHo-v1Day_Sys_CGI_all_aMr_v1HRBrighten Up® Series
Solatube® Brighten Up® Series Daylighting Systems are the cost-effective way to bring natural light to virtually any room of your home. Solatube Daylighting Systems use breakthrough technology to achieve amazing performance results. It transforms difficult to light and often forgotten rooms into extraordinary spaces filled with pure, natural daylight.  Highly effective and simple to install, these models can transform dark interior rooms and light more expansive spaces when use din multiples, creating a unique architectural effect. Numerous different diffusers, lighting, fans and daylight dimming options to choose from



SolarStar_CoverSolar Star Attic Fan
Research has proven that heat and moisture are every attic’s worst enemy. Solar Star, the leader in solar powered attic ventilation, brings you the most technically-advanced, environmentally-friendly, ventilation solution available today.  Solar Star attic fans reduce heat build up, air conditioning costs and ice damming (which we really need to be worried about in the Silicon Valley).  Solar Star attic fans will also reduce damaging condensation, help protect insulation from moisture, fight mold and fungal decay, and finally help reduce heating cost in the winter time.





PR-OPT-011Solar Star Conversion Kit
The Solar Star Conversion Kit can transform any vent into a high-performing solar-powered vent. Now you can easily and quickly use the power of the sun to reduce attic heat and battle moisture.