Mendota Gas Fireplaces

Mendota Gas Fireplaces Mendota Hearth fireplaces offer luxury in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your space and taste. See how a room takes shape around a lustrous Mendota Hearth gas fireplace. Mendota Hearth offers luxury fireplaces in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your space and taste. [...]


Mendota Linear Gas Fireplaces

Mendota Linear Gas Fireplace Models Mendota linear gas fireplaces offer trend-forward design that satisfies the most discerning homeowner's aspirations. They are available in five sizes up to 6 feet wide to fit almost any space you can imagine. Featuring LED Floor Lighting The Mendota LED Floor Light Kit adds a whole new dimension [...]


Mendota Traditional Gas Fireplaces

Mendota Traditional Gas Fireplace Models The traditional gas fireplace series provides a classic touch. The timeless beauty of this fireplace shape will satisfy all with a traditional style while still offering a template ready for a new approach. FV46 FullView You can't help but notice the FV46 FullView gas fireplace's huge viewing area, making this the [...]


Mendota Landscape Gas Fireplaces

Mendota Landscape Gas Fireplace Models The simple lines of a Mendota landscape fireplace make the perfect canvas for today's clean design trends. This timeless shape is as much at home in a midcentury-inspired living room as it is in a traditional family room or contemporary office. FV48 FullView With confident [...]


Mendota D-Series Inserts

Mendota D Series Inserts With two sizes to fit most existing wood-burning fireplaces, the D-Series insert installs seamlessly to instantly elevate your space. Retrofitting with the D-Series improves the cleanliness, efficiency and heating potential of existing fireplaces with a sealed combustion chamber and direct vent technology that better manages the flow of hot [...]


Mendota Fireplace Inserts

Mendota Fireplace Inserts Transform your existing hearth with a Mendota gas fireplace insert. Whether you’re looking to enhance the beauty of your space or the performance of your current fireplace, a Mendota gas fireplace insert is the upgrade your home needs. Inserts are ideal for homeowners who want to update the style [...]


Mendota Fullview Insert

Mendota FullView Inserts Enjoy floor to ceiling views with a viewing window that’s 33% larger than other models,­­ maximizing the visual impact of your fireplace. Mendota accomplishes this by removing the glass grilles and the raised platform typical of most inserts, resulting in their most true-to-form vision of a real wood-burning fireplace. [...]

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